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Community Medicine

It is a right of every human being to live a healthy life. However, based on the research evidence, a number of risk factors associated with non-communicable diseases (NCDs) jeopardize lives of millions of people world-wide. Towards creating a healthier society by popularizing preventive measures, Hrdayin periodically organizes awareness programs on various issues of health and Chronic Diseases.

Community health and preventive medicine focuses on determining how to prevent diseases and then giving that knowledge to the public in order to improve the health of a community.

We offer a unique screening method which consists of Cognitive assessment and HRV Analysis.


  • Presents a state-of-the-art guide to effective and feasible interventions
  • Provides an overview of the risk factors and burden of chronic disease
  • Provides practical suggestions for how hospitals, NGOs can implement these interventions to respond successfully to the growing epidemics.
  • Presents evidence-based interventions for prevention and control of chronic diseases. Effective population-wide and individual interventions are reviewed
  • Outlines a public health approach that Organizations, Governments and NGOs can follow to formulate and implement an effective chronic disease policy