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Healthcare systems

Mobile enabled healthcare has transformed healthcare delivery through remote patient monitoring, telehealth and analytics

Biometric Data Logger

The ANS Recorder is a compact, network-dependent, 3-channel measuring system for registering bioelectric signals. The measuring process is freely selectable, meaning that the device records either according to set basic parameters or according to the patient-specific measuring program that can be set on the special memory card. The current measured values can be transmitted to the PC at any time over Bluetooth, even during recording. The ANS Recorder is designed particularly for preventive cardiology diagnostics, telemedical patient monitoring, and diagnostics of stress-related health disorders. Special diagnostic and evaluation software packages adapted to the ANS Recorder are available.

  • Low overall weight of approx. 200 g (without applied part) for wearable application
  • Compact plastic casing with carry clip and carry bag with shoulder strap
  • Various front panel designs, depending on primary use
  • Automatic display of all important operating states
  • Special bar indicator for controlling breath rates
  • Data storage on special SD cards for HRV, SRA, and CQC diagnoses
  • Setting of event markers during recording for later evaluation
  • Wireless operation over Bluetooth interface
  • Recording of three (3) channels
  • Pluggable, 4-Lead, user-specific applied part with pushbuttons for adhesive and clamp electrodes
  • Configurable measuring program and parameters for special SD cards using separate PC software
  • Selectable sampling rates and filters
  • Universal application in cardiovascular and stress diagnostics
  • Operation with chargeable Li-ion battery
  • Single-button operation

Universal Medical Gateway (UMG)

The integration of medical devices into medical networks is consistently required by medical institutions. This integration forms the basis for innovative systems that simplify clinical procedures and improve patient care. On behalf of medical device manufacturers, TZM has been realizing the networking of medical devices for years. As a "hidden champion", TZM has the strict but necessary certifications for the development of medical devices. Almost all European and American manufacturers are now using TZM's expert team, so over the past 17 years TZM has completed more than 150 connections.

UMG offers you the possibility to network medical devices and systems simply, cost-effectively, reliably and independently of each other. Whether you want a connection of 1: 1, 1: n, n: 1 or n: n devices or a combination of these connections, all configurations are possible on the UMG base system.

How Data Transfer works

UMG adopts the data made available by all data-generating medical devices (sources) and forwards these data to them in the protocol format of the data-receiving systems.

UMG generally supports the forwarding / processing of the following data

  • Parameters, texts, curve data
  • Status information
  • Alarms and information