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For Cardiologist

Hrdayin plays a big role in evaluating the heart and determining risk for future cardiac events. Prognosis of the diseases of the cardiovascular system such as myocardial infarction, arrhythmia complications and sudden cardiac death

For Endocrinologist/ Diabetologist

Helps to investigate the consequence of diabetes and pre-diabetic metabolic impairments. Early identification of the potential risk to develop diabetic neuropathy and Thyroid diseases

For Internal Medicine/ Family Physician

General Physicians play a very important role in identifying chronic diseases. Our tool helps to assess patient’s health as it turns out to be a generalized, deep measure of health. Low or altered readings are generally found to predict progression of diseases

For Psychiatrist/ Psychologist

Hrdayin is an excellent tool to measure physiological stress and helps to diagnose depressive, panic, anxiety disorders

For Neurologists

Hrdayin HRV assessment as a diagnostic tool in detection of autonomic impairment, and prediction of prognosis in several neurological disorders like stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophies, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy

For Oncologist

Negative impact on the autonomic nervous system leads to many cancer diseases and our tool helps to identify early risks. Our analysis is an excellent tool for therapeutic control

For Nephrologist

Autonomic dysfunctions leads to various urological disorders, renal failure due to diabetes and underlying health conditions.

For Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist can use this tool to assess the improvement of neuro-disorders, stroke patients and customize the treatment and increase the cardiac and the neurocognitive systems

For Ayurveda

Doshas are autonomous regulators of body physiology. Our tool helps to assess the imbalance of doshas and dentify the clinical risk factors and suggest detailed assessment and therapies

For Yoga Therapist

Hrdayin biomarker helps to measure how well body adapts to stress. Because we know yoga is linked to increased stress resilience, our tool helps you to design yoga programs keeping participant's health in mind