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Hrdayin - Early Assessment of Health Risk

Our vision is to revolutionize preventive healthcare. We provide a next-generation health assessment and prevention service platform to monitor the Heart Rate Variability, the best non-invasive way to measure the Autonomic Nervous System.
We are on a mission to protect, promote and improve the health and well-being of all.

Hrdayin MobiHealth is an organization focusing on providing the innovative healthcare solutions to improve the quality of life. With the advent of new technologies, latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry we add value to your core services. We work closely with the world's renowned healthcare research establishments and medical institutes. We support healthcare providers and medical practitioners enabling them to provide happier and healthier service to their customers.

Early assessment of diseases is better for patients and makes good economic sense. Technology and innovation are the key drivers of improved productivity and have an important role to play in supporting early assessment. At Hrdayin, our continuous efforts to bring new early health assessment tools into practice.

One of the diagnostic solution provided by Hrdayin in association with the Research Center for Innovative Neurotechnologies (FINTEC GmbH) Germany under the brand name NEUROCOR, which measures the overall health of a person and identifies at an early stage the possibility of having chronic diseases. Hrdayin MobiHealth supports the healthcare centers to work differently with the health industry to increase early assessment and operate more efficiently.

Preventive Healthcare Assessment

We offer unique assessment tool based on advanced medical technology developed over decades of research which measures overall health of a person and predicts health risks well in advance


Excellent early assessment, therapeutic control and to helps in assess of hidden diseases used by all streams of medical practitioners worldwide

Sports and
Fitness Devices

Are you really sure that your body is fit enough to take on the fitness training? Guesses can be fatal! Thankfully we have a solution


Integration of all medical data sources (MDS) into Medical-IT (MIT) networks

  • Heart Rate Variability

    Heart rate variability turns out to be a generalized, deep measure of health. HRV is a direct link to ANS health and can therefore be used to gain insights into our nervous system, stress and recovery activity.Hrdayin's app will provide individual's impact of stress and stress resistance Read More

  • Fitness Observer

    Fitness ObserveTM check's body's recovery rate after stress and with complex data analytics, provides you with a report that is comparable to medical fitness report Read More

  • Corporate Wellness

    Hrdayin wellness program is an end- to- end initiative with constant facilitation in enhancing wellness and overall productivity of each individual. At Hrdayin wellness solution, we believe in results. Our processes guarantee results if followed correctly. A complete health profile along with a plan for solution by our experts is handed over to every individual Read More

Next-Generation Health Assessment and Prevention Service

Our company has just begun to revolutionize preventive healthcare. We operate a next-generation diagnostics and prevention service that provides a platform to measure the HRV the best non-invasive measure of the Autonomic Nervous System We're on a mission to protect, promote and improve the health and well-being of all. Our mobile applications provide doctors and health-care practitioners the tools and resources they need to successfully manage their diagnostics.

Heart rate variability is generalized, deep measure of health. Research has shown that higher HRV is a strong indicator of resilience to stress, while low HRV is a sign of reduced capacity to tolerate stress.

Hrdayin MobiHealth in coordination with Neurocor Germany, has developed a solution which can measure HRV using Mobile APP of a person and can give early indications for various diseases including heart diseases, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, cancer, nervous disorders and many more.


HRV a Vital Bio-Marker

While some level of stress is acceptable but chronic stress has become a common ailment for many people. Health issues such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, heart diseases, diabetes and other hidden diseases start affecting wellbeing of a person

In the last two decades alone, the advent of new technology we are able to diagnose conditions in the human body. This technology is developed by German scientists with the help of Indian Engineers. First time ever in India this assessment is available for common people.

Hrdayin has coupled 21st century, data analytics with mobile technology to bring the power of predictive wellness to your hands. We offer advanced, non-invasive health assessment a totally new concept, holistic approach of preventive health assessment. In less than 6 minutes simple test can tell overall health of a person.

Hrdayin offers a framework for people centric health risk assessment tool

A Comprehensive Health Assessment Framework for Early Prediction for Health Risks

Hrdayin has coupled 21st century, data analytics with mobile technology to bring the power of predictive wellness to your hands

We have developed smart applications like mobile healthcare, health-aware recommendations, and intelligent healthcare systems which predicts health vulnerabilities by measuing functional nervous system's health

We provide recommendations based on analysis and ultimately, improve health outcomes by identifying patients’ modifiable health risks and providing follow-up behavior change interventions that are implemented over time

The advance assessment not only help patients, but it will also enable medical practitioners, policy makers, employers, Insurance companies and community health workers provide a more meaningful benefit to patients and higher value to society.

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