Early Diagnosis of Health Risk

Hrdayin MobiHealth LLP is an organization focusing on providing the healthcare related solutions to its clients after expert analysis of the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry. We work closely with the world’s renowned healthcare product manufacturers and with renowned Medical Institutes in India.

Early diagnosis of diseases is better for patients and makes good economic sense. Technology and innovation are the key drivers of improved productivity and have an important role to play in supporting early diagnosis. Even though there has been a continuous development of new diagnostic technologies, it has been less successful in adopting new diagnostic practice at scale. At Hrdayin MobiHealth, our continuous efforts to bring such new diagnostics into practice in developing countries of Asia are already seeing success. One of the diagnostic solution provided by Hrdayin MobiHealth in association with the Research organization Fintec GmbH in Germany reports the human stress level and identifies at an early stage the possibility of having cardiovascular diseases. Hrdayin MobiHealth supports the healthcare centers to work differently with the diagnostic industry and other providers to increase early diagnosis and operate more efficiently.

Hrdayin MobiHealth not only involves at an early stage of healthcare product development (along with other Industry experts and academic collaboration), but also involves in evaluating the fitment of new technology in the Indian and other Asian countries by dissemination of value proposition and continues to deploy the solution at the end client, obtains feedback and loops the health care centers back to the technology industry.

Health services in countries like India face unprecedented cost pressures and rising demand due to complex range of factors, including population growth, higher life expectancy, higher bandwidth between the rich & poor population and increased expectations. Diagnostics are an integral part of healthcare, with the results of tests critical at every stage of the patient journey. Collecting the diagnostic data and updating the patient data management system on a regular basis is an important element which is missing in developing countries. When access is provided to such collected data on an individual and collective patient basis, data analytics is enabled and possibilities of deriving solutions for several problems become a reality. Hrdayin MobiHealth in association with TZM GmbH, Germany is introducing in India an unique product called as Universal Medical Gateway (UMG), which enables exchange of data between medical devices across manufacturers.


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About Us

Our company has just begun to revolutionize preventive healthcare. We operate a next-generation diagnostics and prevention service that provides a platform to measure the HRV the best non-invasive measure of the Autonomic Nervous System We’re on a mission to protect, promote and improve the health and well-being of all. Our mobile applications provide doctors and health-care practitioners the tools and resources they need to successfully manage their diagnostics.


Electro cardiogram (ECG) diagnostics

Cardio vascular system

Diabetes and therapeutic control

Stress and everyday life

Sports and Fitness Activity

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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Solutions
hrdayin provides a platform to measure the HRV
The best non-invasive measure of the Autonomic Nervous System

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the time interval between two heart beats. This time interval might change from one heartbeat to another. Lower the HRV means that the time interval remains the same always and a high HRV means that the time interval variation exists. HRV offers a non-invasive indicator of autonomic nervous system activity.

In general, low HRV means a sign of the stressed state. It indicates reduced parasympathetic cardiac control and high possibilities of being associated with disorders ranging from diabetes mellitus to sleep problems, as well as difficulty regulating emotions and typically, High HRV means sign of the relaxed state. This is sign of healthy condition and is associated with the sympathetic nervous system.

Sympathetic activities are such as intense physical exercise, as well as periods of mental stress – Increased heart Rate & decreased HRV. Parasympathetic activities (relaxing, doing yoga, meditating), in contrast - Decreased heart rate & increase heart rate variability. Creating balance between the two nervous systems (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic) is very much essential. A healthy individual has strong sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, which includes the ability to shift between them.

HRV Analysis App-ANS

With the support of the Institute 'Center for Neuroscience research (ZNF)' of the University Trier, Germany, Neurocor has developed the ANS Explorer system. It allows the precise measurement and determination of the Autonomous Regulatory capacity. The measurement of heart beat dynamics reads the functioning of the brain control of the internal organs. Using the Neurocor-Germany manufactured, ANS Recorder Hardware you will be able to obtain a detailed stress report. HRDAYIN HRV Analysis App functions well on Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, Tablet Phone with 7” or higher is recommended.

  • Highly sensitive and reliable algorithm - Developed in Germany (Neurocor)
  • Extremely powerful artifact correction obtained from the ECG RR-Data and overall results in an intuitive self explanatory graphics
  • Very easy to use Mobile app with just a few clicks to the result – Developed in India (VCNR Technologies)
  • Age, Sex and Time dependent reference values based on 3.8million adjusted HRV Analysis
  • Fitness observer

    Fitness observer is a testing method to determine the cardiovagal recovery and regeneration capacity after acute strenuous physical activity.

    Being able to understand your body’s recovery is crucial for athletes and coaches. As athletes we are only as good as our ability to recover from our previous days of training. Learning more about our nervous system and it’s ability to affect training stress can help us to recover not only faster, but better. Clients who are injured, over-trained, or have a compromised immune system will not be able to function or perform at an optimal level. Till now post exercise recovery is assessed based on the determination of the heart rate recovery time but in recent years, different clinical and experimental studies have suggested that measurement of the cardiovagal recovery time based on the parasympathetic activity is the far more superior.

    Instant Stress App

    HRDAYIN Instant Stress is a mobile app based on Light Cardiograph in association with Neurocor KG, a research based organization in Trier, Germany.

    Just spend a minute with our app

    If you are stressed, follow the recommendation

    Get your stress level measured

    If it is too high, we recommend you to visit a doctor

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    C-PEN M3

    The C-pen M3 is a high-class, low-price, very compact single channel ECG, solely developed and manufactured in Germany by TelMed, in conformance with all European standards for class 2 medical products, in force at present.

    The C-pen M3 was designed for the detection and recording of heart rhythm disturbances.

    For the specialist it also provides supporting data for the diagnosis of coronary thrombosis and other ischemic heart diseases, based on a multi-channel ECG recording and on additional clinical and para-clinical findings.

    The primary users of the C-pen M3 are physicians and other medical personnel who have been trained and are experienced in the use of ECG devices. But, its application is so simple, that patients can also use it for a self-administered ECG if properly briefed on the recording technique by medical personnel. For example, the patient can take his own recordings in intervals as instructed and then submit the stored data to his doctor at fixed times for evaluation.

  • Presently one of the most compact serial ECG
  • Proven in practical use for several years and found to be very reliable
  • Mobile and versatile
  • High resolution graphic-display permits immediate diagnosis
  • Ready to operate within 10 seconds
  • Wireless data transfer to the PC via Bluetooth
  • Settings via the key panel: date/time/Am/PM), username, scanning speed, language (DE, EN. ES)
  • Simple handling permits patients to take ECG-recordings on their own
  • Ideal for long term supervision of risk-patients
  • Developed and manufactured solely in Germany and India
  • Universal Medical Gateway (UMG)

    The integration of medical devices into medical networks is consistently required by medical institutions. This integration forms the basis for innovative systems that simplify clinical procedures and improve patient care. On behalf of medical device manufacturers, TZM has been realizing the networking of medical devices for years. As a "hidden champion", TZM has the strict but necessary certifications for the development of medical devices. Almost all European and American manufacturers are now using TZM's expert team, so over the past 17 years TZM has completed more than 150 connections.

    UMG offers you the possibility to network medical devices and systems simply, cost-effectively, reliably and independently of each other. Whether you want a connection of 1: 1, 1: n, n: 1 or n: n devices or a combination of these connections, all configurations are possible on the UMG base system.

    How Data Transfer works:

    UMG adopts the data made available by all data-generating medical devices (sources) and forwards these data to them in the protocol format of the data-receiving systems.

    UMG generally supports the forwarding / processing of the following data:
  • Parameters, texts, curve data
  • status information
  • Alarms and information
  • A Glance through the App